The Sessions

Bryn is well known for his work as a session guitar player. Here is the list so far. Watch this space, more to come!:

Sharon Tandy  1968 Singles: Hold On; Daughter of The Sun, Gotta Get Enough Time, Look & Find, Love is not a Simple Affair, Stay With Me, Somebody Speaks Your Name, Our Day Will Come, Hurry Hurry Choo Choo
Les Fleur De Lys 1968/9 Singles: Butchers & Bakers, Brick By Brick, Gong With The Luminous Nose, Prodigal Son, One City Girl, I Can See A Light, Liar, I Forgive You, Stop Crossing The Bridge
John Bromley 1969 Singles: So Many Things, Sugar Love
Rupert’s People 1969 Single: Reflections of Charles Brown
Andy Leigh 1970 Album: Magician  ..can’t remember which tracks!
Wolfgang 1970-72 touring band, unreleased album, also soundtrack for popular surf moviePacific Vibrations  Tracks: Stoked, Honolua Bay, Heavy Water
Jackie Lomax Album: Home Is In My Head and Three  all tracks
Gerry Lochran Album: Wun all tracks
Garth Hewitt   Album: Love Song For The Earth produced and played on all tracks
Amazing Blondell Album: Going Where The Music Takes Me. tracks: Queen, I’ve Got News For You
Badger Album: White Lady   Track: Listen To Me
Dana Gillespie tracks: Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle, Getting Through To Me, Get My Rocks Off
John Cale  Album: Fear   Track: MoMamma Scuba
John Peel Sessions various tracks including this exclusive Make Love Your Aim
Andy Fairweather Low Album: Be Bop’N’Holla TracksRocky Racoon, Checkin Out The Checker
Cajun Moon Track: Darkness in the Valley
Garth Hewitt   Album: The Lion & The Lamb        
Gay & Terry Woods  Album: Renowned   Tracks: Love Is Like A Burden, One More Time, Jameson & Port.
Joan Armatrading 1976 Album: Joan Armatrading  Tracks: Somebody Who Loves You, Like Fire
Brian Rogers Orchestra Play the Melodies of Gallagher and Lyle & Andy Fairweather Low Tracks: Wide Eyed and Legless, Keep The Candle Burning, FifteenSummers, We, Breakaway
Chris de Burgh  1977 Album: At The End Of A Perfect Day    track: Perfect Day
Cliff Richard   1978 Album: Small Corners   Tracks: I Love, Joseph
Ian Matthews  1978 Album: Stealin Home. Bryn arranged and also played guitars and mandolin on tracks: Gimme Me An Inch Girl, Don’t Hang up Those Dancing Shoes,King Of  The Night,  Let There Be Blues,Stealin Home, Shake it, Yank & Mary,Smile,Slip Away, Sail my Soul
Steve Harley    1978 Album: The Candidate  Track: Mandolin on Audience With The Man
Adrian Snell  1979 Album: Something New Under The Sun
Cliff Richard 1979 Album: Rock’n’Roll Juvenile   Track: Rock’n’Roll Juvenile
Greenbelt 1979 Album: Greenbelt Live We’re All One
Gerry Rafferty 1980 Album: Snakes & Ladders   Tracks: I Was A Boy Scout, Don’t Close The Door
Garth Hewitt 1981 Album: Under The Influence        
Gerry Rafferty  1988 Album: North & South  Track: Hearts Run Dry
Jon Astley 1988 Album: The Compleat Angler      Track: Fire The Editor
Don Franciso & Fresh Oil  1989 Album: Live in the UK  
Noel Richards Album: By Your Side      can’t remember which tracks
New Wine 1,2,3,4 & 5 and 10
Vineyard Album: Take Our Lives Tracks: Celebrate The Lord, Praise Our God, Psalm 138, Tender Heart, Here is Love, Take Our Lives
Gerry Rafferty Album: On A Wing & A Prayer  Tracks: It’s Easy To Talk, Don’t Give Up On Me, Hang On, Does He Know What He’s Taken On
Miguel Bose  Album: Under The Sign Of Cain
David Summers Album: David Summers
Gerry Rafferty Album: Over My Head   Tracks: Bajun Moon, The Waters Of Forgetfulness, Down & Out, The Girl’s Got No Confidence, Wrong Thinking, Lonesome Polecat, Right Or Wrong, Clear Day, Out The Blue, A New Beginning
Noel Richards 1994 Album: Warrior  Tracks: He Has Risen, Good News, Praise God, Warrior, Awaken The Dawn, Overwhelmed By Love, For All The People, We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
Gerry Rafferty  Album: One More Dream    Tracks: Stuck In The Middle With You, The Girls Got No Confidence, Everyones Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out Fine
Matt Redman Album: Passion For Your Name        
Miguel Bose Album: Laberinto, Vol 2  Tracks: Corazon Tocao, Sequia, No Encuentro Un Momento, Undia Despues La Historia, Iay!, Tesoro
Briana Corrigan Album: When My Arms Wrap You Around   Track: Miss America
Les Fleur De Lys Album: Reflections
Andy Fairwearther Low Album: Wide Eyed & Legless – The A&M Recordings   
Gene  Album: Drawn To The Deep End     Track: Why Was I Born
Stuart Townend Album: Say The Word     Tracks: How Deep The Father’s Love, The King Of Love
New Wine Worship with Andy Park & David Ruis     all tracks
The Finer things in Life with Kevin Prosch and band
Leigh Blond Album: See Me Thru tracks: See Me Thru, Too Many People, One More Day, Dylan & Derek
Gerry Rafferty Album: Another World  Tracks: All Souls, Conscious Love, Another World, Metanoia, La Fenetre
Gay & Terry Woods Album: Lake Song from Red Waters: the best of Gay & Terry Woods Track: Love Is A Burden
Various Artists Album: Nuggets, Vol 2  Reflections of Charles Brown (Ruperts People)
Various Artists Album: Rubble Collection Vols 1-10  Tracks: Hold On, Daughter Of The Moon (Sharon Tandy & Fleur de Lys)
Various Artists Album Rubble Collects Vols 11-20  Tracks: So Many Things, Gong With The Luminous Nose (Fleur de Lys)
Gerry Rafferty 2021 Rest In Blue tracks: Stuck In The Middle , Dirty Old Town, Still in Denial, Lost Highway, Keeper of My Soul